Idaho husband and wife win $5,000

Gwilet Larson, the owner of an apartment complex in Nampa, Idaho agreed in March to pay $5,000 to Brent and Jennifer Neer to settle an administrative complaint set to be heard by HUD Administrative Law Judge Thomas Heinz.  Judge Heinz approved the settlement in the family status case which also called for Larson to pay the Idaho Fair Housing Council for a training course in fair housing law.
In April 1996, Jennifer Neer was seven-months pregnant with her first child.  Larson told the Neers that they would have to move out of the apartment complex when the child was born because children were not allowed to live in the complex.

Administrative Law Judge Thomas HeinzLater, Larson told the Neers that they could stay in their apartment if they signed a new lease which would have increased their rent by $350 per month.  The Neers could not afford such a drastic increase and contacted HUD to file a complaint.

 HUD issued a Charge of Discrimination in September 1996.  In it, HUD alleged that Larson had illegally terminated the Neers’ tenancy, applied different terms and conditions to the Neers because of their family status, and made discriminatory statements.  Larson denied wrongdoing.