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1996 HMDA shows high loan rejection rates for minorities

Data released by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) on August3 showed that African-American mortgage loan applicants are turned away twice as often aswhite applicants. Although the numbers of rejections were up for both groups, the gulfbetween the percentage of African-Americans rejected and the percentage of whites rejectedhas continued to widen.

The FFIEC is a coordinating body for fivegovernment agencies. It has released Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data annuallysince 1990.

Ohio landlord pays $100,000 and apologizes to family

An Elyria, Ohio landlord has agreed to pay $100,000 and apologize to a family forallegedly not allowing them to move into the "adult building" at a complex heowns. The settlement agreement also requires Lance Stehman, the landlord, to attend fairhousing training along with his employees. The July 31 settlement came just eight daysafter Dionise and Ron Barnett and the Lorain County Urban League filed a federal lawsuitagainst Stehman.

Addison, Illinois settles discrimination claims brought by Hispanic residents for $4.3 million

In what is being reported as the largest pretrial fair housing settlement ever, the cityof Addison, Illinois agreed to pay $4.3 million for allegedly trying to destroypredominantly Hispanic neighborhoods by declaring them blighted and bulldozing them forurban renewal.

The August 7 settlement includes $2.5 million in legal fees, $308,000for 44 families who were unfairly evicted from their homes, and $200,000 for 100 familieswho will displaced under a new urban renewal program. The remaining settlement money willgo toward the construction of two new parks and a community center.

HUD announces fiscal year 1997 Fair Housing Initiatives Program grantees

Greater Birmingham Fair Housing Ctr. $350,000
2000 First Ave., Suite 529
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 324-0111
Lila Hackett, Executive Director

Central Alabama Fair Housing Center $350,000
207 Montgomery St., Suite 725
Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 263-4663
Faith Cooper, Executive Director

The Arkansas Fair Housing Council $340,503
901 Carpenter St.

Florida family denied use of pool at complex

In a second July settlement approved by Judge Andretta, a Pompano Beach, Florida condominium association agreed to pay $9,500 to a family that was not allowed to use the pool at their complex. The association also agreed to stop enforcing "adults only" rules at its facilities.

Gino Marconi, the owner of a home at the Pompano Beach Club Condominium South, took his family to the pool at his complex in February 1994. Signs at the pool read "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED." Marconi's two daughters, Ashley and Tiffany, were both under 18 at the time.

Disabled woman from Oregon and father from Florida win settlements in HUD complaints

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judge RobertAndretta approved settlements in two fair housing complaints in July. The first settlementinvolved discrimination against a mentally disabled women and the second involved familystatus discrimination.

Complex tried to make woman give up her service dog bythreatening eviction

Oregon woman and daughter settle family status complaints against landlords for $10,000

An Oregon woman and her daughter settled a family status complaint against two southeastPortland landlords for $10,000 in late July. The settlement, which was negotiated byprivate attorneys and the United States Attorney's Office in Oregon, also called for thecomplex's on-site manager to attend fair housing training courses and other affirmativerelief.

In May 1995, Darla Moyer-Sims responded to an advertisement for a"large charming studio" apartment in southeast Portland. Moyer-Sims thought thatit would be ideal for herself and her three year old daughter.

Massachusetts landlords pay $18,000 for refusing Section 8 and confining families to ground floor

The Housing Discrimination Project (HDP) in Holyoke, Massachusetts settled a complaintfiled with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) for $18,000 in lateSeptember. The settlement agreement also calls for the owners of the complex to traintheir managers in fair housing rules and regulations.

HDP asserted in its complaintthat the owners and managers of Franklin Court Apartments in North Adams had violatedMassachusetts fair housing laws.

Father and Montana Fair Housing win $25,000 in settlement of religious and family status case

In the largest settlement ever in an fair housing advertising case in Montana, a Park County man and Montana Fair Housing received $25,000. The March settlement resolved a 1995 federal lawsuit filed by Robert B., the unidentified father of a minor child. The suit was filed against Thomas Burns and Doug Kenyon, the owners and publishers of the Montana Pioneer, a monthly tabloid newspaper. Also named in the suit were Malcolm and Coreen Hooker, the owners of a Livingston, Montana apartment complex.


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