1999 issues of The Advocate

Oregon woman wins $50,000 posthumous settlement in reasonable accomodation case

Late last year, the estate of an Oregon woman won a $50,000 settlement from the landlords that tried to evict her as she lay dying. Ms. Jones (a pseudonym) died of cancer on December 17, 1997, one month after she received an eviction notice from her landlords, Carolyn and Kenneth Smith.  Her daughter continued the lawsuit in her name.

The Smiths attempted to evict Jones because her mother had moved in to care for her, and because she had too many visitors.  The visitors included hospice workers and her daughter who attended school in California.

Pennsylvania Court upholds $10,000 racial discrimination decision

In a November 1998 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision, the Court affirmed the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission's final order in a fair housing complaint involving racial discrimination.  The Commission had awarded $8,000 to Velentia Pipkin, an African-American woman whom white landlords denied an apartment.  The Commission also handed down a $2,000 civil penalty.

HUD files charges of discrimination against Boston Housing Authority

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has filed charges of discrimination against the Boston Housing Authority (BHA).  In its complaint against BHA, HUD asserts that the authority failed to stop white tenants from harassing African-American and Hispanic families even though BHA officials knew the harassment was taking place.

Cincinnati HOME and NAACP get $1.25 million redlining settlement from Nationwide Insurance

In February, the Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP settled a racial discrimination complaint against the Nationwide Insurance Companies.  Under terms of the settlement, Nationwide agreed to establish a $500,000 low-interest loan program for home buyers and home owners.  Nationwide will also contribute $750,000 to a program that encourages people to save money for home purchases.


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