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Connecticut landlord pays $9,000 for violating state law against source of income discrimination

Gafur Imetovski, the owner of a 3-family rental house in Shelton, Connecticut, has paid $9,000 to settle a housing discrimination complaint filed by a Section 8 tenant. Discrimination against Section 8 voucher holders is illegal under Connecticut’s state fair housing law.

In December 2001, Ebony Perez, a single mother with two daughters, responded to an ad placed by Imetovski. Imetovski told Perez that he was not accepting Section 8.

Montana man and fair housing group share in DOJ’s $20,000 sex discrimination settlement

The United States Department of Justice obtained a $20,000 settlement on behalf of a Montana man and a housing rights group. Ben Coe, a male apartment seeker, and Montana Fair Housing will share in the $20,000 cash payment from Janice Schaberg, a Missoula housing provider who refused to rent her apartments to single men.

In May 2001, Coe was looking for an apartment for himself. An acquaintance told him of an apartment being advertised as available. The apartment, on Highway 200 East in Missoula, was owned by Schaberg.

Coe called Schaberg to inquire about the apartment.

NE Retirement community pays $87,000 settlement for banning motorized wheelchairs and scooters

The owners and managers of Savannah Pines, an Omaha retirement community, have agreed to a settlement potentially worth $87,000 to resolve a United States Department of Justice lawsuit filed on behalf of five disabled residents. Three of the residents will divide a $27,500 cash settlement. The remaining two residents have the option of receiving $15,000 in cash or 18 months of free rent at the community, including meals and use of all services, with a fair market value of $50,760.

Condominium association pays $60,000 to disabled California man for failure to accommodate

Aldo J. Sartor, a disabled man from Oceanside, California, has received a $60,000 settlement from the San Miguel 1 Homeowners Association and its board of directors after the board voted to install an electronic security gate and failed to grant Sartor’s reasonable accommodation to include a fail-safe system in case of a power outage. The settlement, obtained by the United States Department of Justice, also requires the board to adopt new fair housing policies and distribute the policies to every employee and homeowner.

Sartor is a wheelchair user.

Ohio county awards $730,000 water contract after African Americans get favorable civil rights ruling

Twenty-two African American homeowners in Muskingum County, Ohio will receive water service after years of being denied because of their race.

County commissioners awarded a $730,000 contract in July to an Ohio company to run water pipelines to Coal Run Road, one of the few areas in the county without water service.

Group home operators receive $530,334 settlement from city of Sedona, AZ in fair housing case

By Tracey McCartney
National Fair Housing Advocate Online

(SEDONA, Ariz., July 14, 2003) -- Operators of a group home in Sedona, Ariz., will receive more than half a million dollars from the city in a settlement their attorney calls a "bittersweet victory."

It's "bittersweet" because, while the settlement gets the operators out of debt and out of a situation that was draining their resources, it also means that they will abandon the site they were hoping to use for a group home for individuals recovering from substance abuse.

In late 2002, Recovery Alternatives, an

Jewish couple wins $150,000 from Florida town in federal religion and sex discrimination case

Michael and Lori Jacobs, a Jewish couple from Palm Beach County, Florida settled a federal lawsuit against the town of Jupiter Inlet Colony for $150,000 in June. The lawsuit alleged that town officials targeted them and prevented them from building a new home in the community because they were Jewish. The suit also alleged that the town discriminated against Mrs.


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