24 CFR 108.20 Area office responsibility for monitoring plans and reports

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(a) Submission of documentation. Pursuant to initiation of marketing, the applicant shall submit to the Area Office reports documenting of the implementation of the AFHM plan, including sales or rental reports, as required by the Department. Copies of such documentation shall be forwarded to the Director of the Office of Regional of the Area Office as requested.

(b) Monitoring of AFHM plan. The FH&EO Division of the Area Office is responsible for monitoring AFHM plans and providing technical assistance to the applicant in preparation or modification of such plans during the period of development and initial implementation.

(c) Review of applicant's reports. Each sales or rental report shall be reviewed by the FH&EO Division of the Area Office as it is received. When sales or rental reports show that 20% of the units covered by the AFHM plan have been sold or rented, or whenever it appears that the plan may not accomplish its intended objective, the Area Office FH&EO Division shall notify the Director of the Office of Regional FH&EO.

(d) Failure of applicant to file documentation. If the applicant fails to file required documentation, the applicant shall be sent a written notice indicating that if the delinquent documentation is not submitted to the Area Office within 10 days from date of receipt of the notice, the matter will be referred to the Director of the Regional FH&EO for action which may lead to the imposition of sanctions.

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