Disabled woman from Oregon and father from Florida win settlements in HUD complaints

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Administrative Law Judge RobertAndretta approved settlements in two fair housing complaints in July. The first settlementinvolved discrimination against a mentally disabled women and the second involved familystatus discrimination.

Complex tried to make woman give up her service dog bythreatening eviction
Diane Rowe, a woman who suffers from severe depression and agoraphobia, won $11,000 fromVista Hills Arms Apartments in Portland, Oregon. Rowe asserted that the owners andmanagers at the complex discriminated against her by not making reasonable accommodationsfor her disability. Specifically, the management tried to force her to give up her servicedog because it allegedly disturbed a neighbor in the apartment below hers.

In August 1993, Rowe received a notice from the complex managers that sheneeded to remove her dog from the apartment or she would be evicted. Within a week, Rowegot two letters from her physician and her therapist that explained that she needed herdog to help her control her mental disability.

Woman requested to move to ground-floor apartment several timesbut was ignored
Rowe did not want to disturb her neighbors and requested that she be allowed to transferto a ground floor apartment as soon as one was available. The apartment complex's managersignored her request and did not rescind the notice that she remove her dog or faceeviction.