Florida family denied use of pool at complex

In a second July settlement approved by Judge Andretta, a Pompano Beach, Florida condominium association agreed to pay $9,500 to a family that was not allowed to use the pool at their complex. The association also agreed to stop enforcing "adults only" rules at its facilities.

Gino Marconi, the owner of a home at the Pompano Beach Club Condominium South, took his family to the pool at his complex in February 1994. Signs at the pool read "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED." Marconi's two daughters, Ashley and Tiffany, were both under 18 at the time. Marconi ignored the sign and took his family into the pool area.

Security guard and other residents ordered man to remove hisdaughters from swimming pool

While he and his family were swimming, Marconi was approached by a security guard who worked for the condo association. The security guard demanded that Marconi remove his young daughters from the pool area. Marconi refused and told the guard that it was illegal to discriminate against families with children.

After the security guard left, Marconi and his family were confronted by a group of residents who insisted that they leave the pool area. In his complaint, Marconi alleged that one of the residents who ordered him and his family to leave was William Gabrilowitz, a member of the condo association's governing board. Marconi and his familyl eft the pool area after being confronted by the angry residents. Marconi and his family never returned to the pool.

Condo association removed sign and stopped enforcing "no children" rules after complaint was filed

Marconi filed a complaint with HUD against the condo association and against Gabrilowitz. Shortly after the complaint was filed, the "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED" sign was removed from the pool and the condo association stopped enforcing the rule. Marconi and his family have since moved to Philadelphia.

HUD v. Vista Hills Arms Apartments
HUD ALJ Case No. 10-94-0441-8
Filed with HUD -- September 6, 1993
HUD Charge Issued -- January 9, 1997
ALJ Hearing -- May 6, 1997, Order -- July 3, 1997